• Unclean mattresses are often a hygiene problem and health risk. Especially the mattress is an ideal place for the dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. By dander, dust and sweat the proliferation of mites takes place. With conventional cleaning methods, it is impossible to remove the pathogens from the mattress.
  • Your mattress is cleaned with an approved mattress cleaning process. By hygienic deep cleaning this application for 6 months lasting effect.
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  • We carry out the cleaning for you
  • Locally, chemical-free and dry
  • particularly suitable for people with a allergies
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Clean-IT mattress hygiene - particularly suitable for allergy sufferers:
The mites problem The mattress as a health risk Mattresses as health risk An impure mattress are in many places today, a hygiene problem and health risk. Through the constant indoor climate in the bedroom is already an only one year old mattress is an ideal habitat for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. Supported by dander, dust and sweat this, see the mattress ideal living and proliferation conditions. Prior to these microparticles also the densest sheets can not protect with conventional cleaning methods, it is impossible to remove all pathogens from the mattress. We shower, brush our teeth, change clothes, but we sleep partially on a mattress unsanitary! The mattress is indisputably the least pure object with which we are 1/3 of our lives in very close contact. A study proves that cavort on average 1 billion germs in 1 cm mattress surface. There are on a toilet just 33,000 For comparison. On a busy doorknob 70,000. The infected bacteria dander dust mites provide abundant food. The increase is numerous, natural enemies such as predatory mites have become extinct. In one gram of dust up to 2,500 mites were counted, corresponding to two million dust mites in a mattress. This huge army of mites produced corresponding amounts of mite feces. This is based on scientific evidence, trigger allergies (mite allergy) with their consequences, eye redness and itching. Together with the dust mite is swirled with every movement, the mattress acts like a bellows and the particles get into the mouth, nose, eyes, ears and lie down on the skin. For every allergic, asthmatic and Bronchialerkrankten a disaster. The house dust mite produces in their lifetime 200 times their body weight in excrement, the stick in little slime-covered spheres of textile fibers and disintegrate later in powdery dust. This mite excrement contains the allergen allergenic. Scientists are now united and in a number of scientific articles and studies confirm that the guanine containing mite excrement is a health hazard.
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The mattress cleaning machine generates high-frequency vibrations. The dirt particles are released inside the mattress, pulverized and removed with a precisely tuned to the mattress vacuum. At the same time an intense UVC radiation causes a killing bacteria, viruses and spores. This patented mattress-cleaning method is used very successfully worldwide.